About Me

Hi! I am leveraging data at Expedia, the platform that empowers people to travel and explore the world. During my time-off I also contribute to Scholia , building better tools for education.

Currently living in Geneva, 24 years old, I’m an INFJ according to MBTI. I hugely enjoy helping others and inspiring them as much as I can. To me, startups are a way to bring back purpose and meaning in people’s lives.

Born in Reunion Island, I moved to Paris and got an engineering degree at CentraleSupélec (ranked French top 2 engineering school in 2019), then joined the Master in Management at ESCP Europe (ranked French top 3 business school in 2019) in Paris, London and the entrepreneurship specialization in Berlin.

I’m deeply interested in:

  • Entrepreneurship and projects that matter;
  • Data processing and analysis techniques;
  • React.js and other web technologies;
  • Reading and Writing about Education, Growth, Psychology, and Purpose;
  • Video games, Manga, Anime and Music.

Personal Projects

  • Scholia - Better online workspaces for Education
  • Qark Gaming - A brand of Gaming glasses
  • Bookshelf - Small reviews and recommendations of 50+ readings
  • Panda One - High school rock band

Research (CentraleSupélec)


My favorite books of all time


Send me an email or directly book me for a call using Calendly :).