Don't know what to read next? I would be more than happy to share and discuss books, just ask! I mostly enjoy reading about psychology, startup and growth.
  • Atomic Habits
    Atomic Habits

    (Read on: Now) [/10]

  • Everything is F*cked
    Everything is F*cked

    (Read on: Now) [/10]

  • La 25e Heure
    La 25e Heure

    (Read on: Nov 19) [6/10]

  • Principles

    (Read on: Sep 19) [7/10]

  • Essentialism

    (Read on: Aug 19) [9/10] 😍

  • Company of One
    Company of One

    (Read on: Aug 19) [9/10] 😍

  • The Tao of Twitter
    The Tao of Twitter

    (Read on: Jul 19) [6/10]

  • Winning

    (Read on: Jun 19) [/10]

  • F.U. Money
    F.U. Money

    (Read on: May 19) [8.5/10] 😍

    Thought-provoking facts about money. Everyone should be able to benefit from your achievements and it would be selfish not to strive for success. Making money ASAP frees you from the rat race.

  • The 10X Rule
    The 10X Rule

    (Read on: Apr 19) [7/10]

    One key success factor of great achievements: a massive amount of action.

  • Unscripted

    (Read on: Feb 19) [8/10]

    A great guide on how to live your own life, and not the life others expect of you.

  • Pitch Anything
    Pitch Anything

    (Read on: Jan 19) [6/10]

  • Measure What Matters
    Measure What Matters

    (Read on: Nov 18) [7/10]

    A bible for OKRs. Relevant for organisations.

  • Find Your Why
    Find Your Why

    (Read on: Nov 18) [7/10]

    A follow-up to "Star with Why. Full of great examples and calls to action. Like a workshop session. But don't expect new theory.

  • Start With Why
    Start With Why

    (Read on: Nov 18) [8/10]

    A follow-up to "Star with Why. Full of great examples and calls to action. Like a workshop session. But don't expect new theory.

  • Drive

    (Read on: Oct 18) [9/10]

    The book I wish I had written. Understanding intrinsic motivation is a real life-changer.

  • Enlightenment Now
    Enlightenment Now

    (Read on: Now) [/10]

  • How to write good
    How to write good

    (Read on: Now) [/10]

  • Les lois naturelles de l'enfant
    Les lois naturelles de l'enfant

    (Read on: Now) [9/10] 😍

    Experimenting new (yet fundamentally simple) teaching methods that unleash the potential of children instead of killing their curiosity. I wish every teacher could have read this.

  • A Night of Midsummer's dream
    A Night of Midsummer's dream

    (Read on: Sep 18) [/10]

  • Les leΓ§ons du pouvoir
    Les leçons du pouvoir

    (Read on: Aug 18) [7/10]

    The unique perspective of a president. Stories of everyday life as well as stories of tough decision makings.

  • Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives
    Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

    (Read on: Apr 18) [5/10]

    Enjoyable fictional stories about what could awaits for us in the afterlife. Even though many didn't inspire me, it might have meaning to others.

  • The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business
    The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business

    (Read on: Apr 18) [10/10] 😍

    For people who didn't go to business school as much as for those who went. Literally everything you know about business, people, and personal development.

  • Happy

    (Read on: Mar 18) [7/10]

    Another perspective on happiness. Recommended!

  • The E-Myth Revisited
    The E-Myth Revisited

    (Read on: Mar 18) [9/10] 😍

    This book is undeniably a good way to get better at running a business (or learn from scratch). Many practical examples and useful mental models.

  • The ONE Thing!
    The ONE Thing!

    (Read on: Feb 18) [9/10] 😍

    Productivity is not about "doing more", it's about "doing less", and this book is doing it right. Plenty of hacks of purpose-driven individuals and teams.

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

    (Read on: Feb 18) [8/10]

    Loved the tone. Clever and punchy. Everybody should live their life and not the life people expect.

  • Predictably Irrational
    Predictably Irrational

    (Read on: Jan 18) [8/10]

    My favorite type of book. Dealing with the human mind and why people act the way they do. Irrationally. Yet with identifiable patterns.

  • Tribe Of Mentors
    Tribe Of Mentors

    (Read on: Dec 17) [6/10]

    Amazing compilation of interviews from various successful people and their best recommendations. Exploring the whole book gets a bit fastidious.

  • Jung: A complete Introduction
    Jung: A complete Introduction

    (Read on: Dec 17) [8/10]

    Understanding ourselves is fundamental and Jung's theories provide many clues. Great book.

  • Rework

    (Read on: Oct 17) [9/10]

    A small, but fairly complete, guide on the "startup" way of building a company. Remarkably staying away from trending methods and buzzwords and focusing on the most important.

  • Business Model Generation
    Business Model Generation

    (Read on: Sep 17) [7/10]

    Always useful to have it nearby.

  • buy-ology

    (Read on: Sep 17) [6/10]

    Ambitious experiments on how our brain dictates what and how we buy. The author loves himself.

  • The Definitive book of Body Language
    The Definitive book of Body Language

    (Read on: Aug 17) [7/10]

    A comprehensive book on body language to understand communication beyond simple words.

  • The Art of the Start 2.0
    The Art of the Start 2.0

    (Read on: Jul 17) [10/10] 😍

    The to-go reference to start a project, to make sure it really matters to you and to other people.

  • Sapiens A Brief History of Mankind
    Sapiens A Brief History of Mankind

    (Read on: Jun 17) [9/10] 😍

    Learning from history is incredibly important for the success of mankind. This book is one of the best way to look back and understand how our current society was built.

  • Growth Hacking
    Growth Hacking

    (Read on: May 17) [8/10]

    Finally something different from the AARRR framework. ASP really shines when the sales process is a key success factor.

  • Hacking Growth
    Hacking Growth

    (Read on: May 17) [9/10]

    The best starting point to understand and learn Growth Hacking.

  • Traction

    (Read on: May 17) [7/10]

    Book mainly focused on the different acquisition channels (from PR to online and offline marketing). Nice to have.

  • Hooked

    (Read on: May 17) [7/10]

    Turn a product into a habit. Basically all the keys to become as successful as Instagram.

  • Pre-suasion

    (Read on: May 17) [6.5/10]

    From the best selling author of "Influence and Persuasion". A bit disappointed in this book. Could have been more "straight-to-the-point" in my opinion.

  • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
    Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

    (Read on: Apr 17) [8/10]

    Proven benefits of passion and perseverance in education, self-development, parenting. With many insightful experiments and stories.

  • The Goal
    The Goal

    (Read on: Mar 17) [7/10]

    From this story of a factory manager, anyone will understand notions like bottleneck, throughput, cashflow... And the big impacts they have on any business.

  • Mindset

    (Read on: Mar 17) [8/10] 😍

    Everybody can learn to learn. This simple truth is the secret behind successful people.

  • Zero To One
    Zero To One

    (Read on: Feb 17) [4/10]

    Extremely popular. Didn't like it. Short but boring and confusing.

  • The 4-Hour Work Week
    The 4-Hour Work Week

    (Read on: Feb 17) [9/10] 😍

    Awesome book that helped many people quit the "rat race" and live their own life.

  • Originals

    (Read on: Feb 17) [6/10]

    Very inspirational author but disappointing book in my humble opinion. The main take-aways are in the first chapters.

  • Give and Take
    Give and Take

    (Read on: Jan 17) [9/10] 😍

    A very serious proof that kindness and candor can be powerful weapons in order to reach success.

  • Happiness by Design
    Happiness by Design

    (Read on: Jan 17) [6/10]

    A good attempt at answering the most fundamental question in life. Sadly, a bit confusing and repetitive in my opinion.

  • Creativity Inc
    Creativity Inc

    (Read on: Jan 17) [10/10] ❣️

    How to be a great inspirational leader? How to shape a company's culture and values? How to bring purpose and meaning to everyone's lives? The best answer yet, by Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

  • Thinking Fast and Slow
    Thinking Fast and Slow

    (Read on: Before 2016) [10/10] ❣️

    The father of psychology explains how our own cognition capabilities are biased. Understanding how they work can definitely make us better.

  • Quiet

    (Read on: Before 2016) [10/10] ❣️

    A book I wish everyone would read. Please check Susan Cain's TED Talk to learn about introversion.

  • The 100$ Startup
    The 100$ Startup

    (Read on: Before 2016) [6/10]

    The story of a bootstrapped startup.

  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
    Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

    (Read on: Before 2016) [7/10]

    A classic on persuasion.

  • Delivering Happiness
    Delivering Happiness

    (Read on: Before 2016) [10/10] ❣️

    It's not just about selling shoes. This book is about purpose. About happiness. The quintessence of our lives.

  • Backpack Edition 2.2
    Backpack Edition 2.2

    (Read on: Before 2016) [6.5/10]

    Useful references for entrepreneurs in France, especially in Paris.

  • Running Lean
    Running Lean

    (Read on: Before 2016) [8/10]

    A very concrete approach to Lean Startup. An alternative to Eric Ries' book.

  • Think and Grow Rich
    Think and Grow Rich

    (Read on: Before 2016) [7/10]

    Old but interesting to see how "inspirational" books have evolved.

  • How to win friends and influence people
    How to win friends and influence people

    (Read on: Before 2016) [9/10] 😍

    "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". This book will make you an expert communicator. Please use it purposefully.