New “Bookshelf”

To make the page easier to maintain, I am now directly linking to my made-public Notion “database” of books with notes and ratings. Thanks to this feature, I don’t have to update an extra page, and the content will always be the latest. Note that I haven’t migrated everything yet.

Lockdown thoughts

Please stop thinking “I don’t care if I get the virus” because that’s a very selfish statement. Social distancing is not only about avoiding feeling sick. It is also preventing viruses to mutate and grow stronger.

Reflecting on the blog

Currently attempting to revive my blog and making some changes to it. It is hard to admit that I probably lost interest these last couple years and/or didn’t build a strong enough habit of updating the blog regularly.

The current technical setup also has its flaws: a few years ago I thought that using Gatsby would “integrate” more seamlessly with my everyday workflow, even though I really loved Ghost. Sadly, it hasn’t worked out as I haven’t updated the blog since last year, and haven’t had a new article since 2018.

Thankfully, I have new ideas I’m excited to experiment with.

This is a Now Page as inspired by Derek Sivers.
Updated on April 5th 2021, from Geneva.