1 Book A Week Challenge

I'd like to challenge myself reading one book per week during the next one or two months. It's not just because of the recent hype around reading. But mostly for the following reasons.

Effective New Year’s Resolutions in 5 minutes

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions they quit after 2 weeks... It is too bad to waste such a rare opportunity of setting new goals to improve yourself.

Don’t Think Too Fast: How to improve your everyday decision-making process?

Understand and learn to avoid mistakes than everyone make every day. Knowing your biases is a way to improve the decisions you take, for yourself and your company.

Students, be Entrepreneurs!

Students all around the world — you may have already found something you care about. You may have found something you want to do. Maybe the desire to build projects, to start something from scratch. Or any other reason to start an entrepreneurial journey.