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1 Book A Week Challenge

I’d like to challenge myself reading one book per week during the next one or two months. It’s not just because of the recent hype around reading. But mostly for the following reasons:

  1. There are tons of books on my reading lists. Especially on psychology, management and personal development. And I really want to learn from these books. :)
  2. Improve my English vocabulary and reading speed.
  3. Improve myself, and find answers.

And to that purpose, I’ll use my blog as a motivation tool. Reviews of my reading pricks will be posted every week!

EDIT: The reading challenge was a success. I’ll probably slow down form now on. But my reading speed definitely increased and I’ll keep on reading books regularly. The next step is write more and improve my writing skills!


  • Creativity Inc Wonderful. Probably the most inspiring book about what it means to be a leader. With Pixar, Ed Catmull built an amazing company culture. A flourishing environment with strong and deep values, where everyone is proud of giving their best everyday. Companies are founded with a purpose that is beyond money alone. That’s how it should be done, that’s how Pixar is working. To me, this book is worth more than any management textbook.
  • Thinking Fast and Slow Brilliant and mindblowing. Everything you need to know about psychology and how your brain works is in there. We’re bad at being rational. We’re subject to biases. Even major CEOs take decisions badly. Reading Daniel Kahneman’s work really helps to raise awareness about this and gives strong indications about our potential room for improvement
  • Originals From his TED Talks, I knew that Adam Grant was a eminent psychologist. Even though the first chapters of Originals was captivating, I felt disappointing by the book. The truth about how successful entrepreneurs approach risk and think out of the box is surprisingly counter-intuitive. Yet the book felt too long and redundant to me.
  • Give and Take BUT, reading Adam Grant’s first book and best-seller Give And Take was absolutely what I needed. Why and how givers can be the winners in the end of the day. Learn why there’s nothing wrong is being too kind in business, but also how to prevent you from burning out.
  • Happiness by design What’s our purpose in life? Understanding what motivates people truly fascinates to me. And asking what is happiness is basically the same thing. People wants to be happy. But what does it actually mean? Paul Dolan definition is happiness really makes sense: people are sentimental hedonist. Seeking for pleasure and purpose in life.
  • The 4-Hour Work Week I’m not sure if everything in Tim Ferriss’ method is morally and ethically correct to me. Nevertheless, the best advice I found in his book is this: It’s way easier than we think to get OUT of the corporate routine, and to live our life the way we want. Don’t kill yourself at work for nothing simply because you’re expected to.
  • Zero To One I was curious about Peter Thiel personality and opinion. His book is a best seller. Yet his recent support to Trump caused mixed feelings in the Silicon Valley Zero To One is short, I read it during a Paris-London bus trip. I don’t really understand what made this book this successful.
  • Mindset How can our education system still be that bad (especially in France). Parents, teachers, professors… please read Carol S. Dweck’s book. It’s very simple yet super effective. Believe in your potential. Adopt the right mindset. Highly Recommended.

That’s it for now! If you have any book recommendation, question, or if you want to borrow a book feel free to ask. The following books are in my current to-read list:

  • Predictably Irrationnal
  • Hooked
  • ReWork
  • TED Talks
  • Grit
  • Presuasion